Mrs. Fabulous Retires Her Mizunos

I want to thank Tyler for spending so much time working with me on finding the right shoes. I walked into Fleet Feet expecting to just buy the next version of the Sayonara’s that I love so much. After telling him my story about how after surviving 2 Strokes and living with a seizure disorder, and how running had changed my life, he was eager to help me keep on running and inspiring others. Not very often do you find people that understand how precious life is and want to learn more about your story. He took the time to learn what I needed and preferred. He offered his opinion and in the end I found a pair of shoes that made me feel like I was was going to win my first marathon in November.(I can dream, right?)
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                              Retired my second pair of running shoes!


Guess who PR’D accidentally at the Black Light Run tonight?!

Yep, MRS FABULOUS! Big thanks to my friend and cheerleader Jen for pushing me only because she knew I could do it. She’s one a million and I am so thankful for her!



My 25 Mile Run!

Today I woke up early to help my friend Ashtyn celebrate her 25th Birthday. Knowing that the furthest I have ever ran was 19 miles, I wasn’t sure if I could do it, but then, I DID! 

My Marathon ain’t got NOTHING on me!


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I conquered THE HILL!!

During Marathon Training Day 7, I conquered THE HILL!

Watch Mrs. Fabulous conquer THE HILL




Last year I ran a total of 345 miles. So far this year, 7 months in, I am already at 257! I am TOTALLY KICKING LAST YEARS BOOTY!





Please Help Dominic Cross the Finish Line!

If there was ever one fundraiser or Campaign that you donate to, please let it be this one!

Please help donate whatever you can- no amount is too small or big when it’s going toward such an amazing cause.  Also, whether you are able to donate or not, please share this with your friends and family over Facebook and other social media, and leave us comments here to help us reach others.

Thank you so much for your time and your help, have a happy, healthy day.

God Bless, 



Marathon Training Day 1!


4th Of July – mTT

I am excited to announce we were able to secure a spot in the Deforest Wisconsin Parade on the 4th of July!

Our Captains AND tons of volunteers and Angels were there to support and publicize mTT.


19th Strokeaversary!

On June 24th, 1995 I suffered from my first stroke. What better way to celebrate my 19th Strokeaversary than run 19 miles!


Garmin died, luckily my phone was charged.

80 Degrees plus a nasty heat index makes for a smelly girl!


Me 19 years ago.

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Everyone Needs A Poncho

Although the world may be full of bad, there is still plenty of good.

My parents always taught me to be kind, gentle caring, courageous, thoughtful and willing to put myself in others shoes.

What if the person didn’t have shoes?

Years ago, growing up, driving around town with my dad, we saw many less than fortunate people. We may not have been rich, but my dad did what he could to help these people. He’d stop at Mc. Donalds and get them a full meal and if the person had an animal, he’d get them a cheeseburger, because lets face it, when you’re starving, anything is better than nothing.

For years I have always been in the right place at the right time. I’ve helped the elderly, disabled, children and animals. I’ve payed it forward time and time again.

Every time I’m able to help, my heart grows immensely. And every time I post about it I get reminded that the world is a bad place and people could cheat me, take advantage of me, steal my money or much worse. Im reminded of these things because people love and care about me. BUT there’s always two sides. Yes, the world is a bad place full of evil, but the world is also good full of beauty and full of people who make this a better place every day.

Today I was able to once again be one of those people who make the world a better place. There is a local man who is who is well known and often at the same place every day. The police department help him and do what they can for him.

Per the usual he had his backpack and was sitting in the grass. Today he was actually surrounded by screaming kids in the park, they must have been on a feild trip. It started to rain so I ran to the dollar store, grabbed him a poncho, warming blanket, water and donuts. He seemed confused because the community normally passes him on his bench at the park. For years I’ve heard him calling out for a pillow. Hopefully someone will be kind enough to get him one.

He told me how grateful he was and started crying.

For the first time I actually saw him smile.

The kids are still screaming running around in the rain.

Every day he watches over the park. He likes to watch the pond. He grew up here, and I know that because the police department know his whole story.

Yes, the world is full of bad,  but the world is also full of people who try and fail, people who have done wrong and are trying to do right, people who have completely given up because they haven’t ever seen the good in the world. Full of people who deserve a second chance and full of people who need someone to give them a poncho.



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