Michael Scott – Run Nerds Rock – The Awesomesauce Twins Run Together At Last!

Awesomesauce Twins

Awesomesauce Twins

Never in a million years did I think i’d get the opportunity to run with Michael Scott of Run Nerds Rock. But on Friday, March 21st, this happened…..


 Michael Scott was wearing a pink tutu in MY livingroom!

I was so nervous wondering the house…back and forth, 10AM couldn’t come soon enough. The plans were set earlier in the week. He was going to stop in Madison, Wisconsin and get in Runstreak number 850 with me, but there was no way I could keep him to myself, so I invited everyone I possibly could. It was kind of short notice, but the turn out was going to be great! All of a sudden, I get a text that reads “I’M HEEEEEEEEEERE”…..


Before I knew it we were laughing so hard talking about the random things we use to prop our phone on to take selfies, like the first picture on this blog post. Thanks to my handy dandy snow globe we were able to get the Epic Tutu picture.

The rest of the morning was blur. Once we got to our meeting spot it was so awesome to watch my friends meet him. Every single person he would meet, Michael would say, “Hi, nice to meet you, I’m Michael.” as if they had no idea who he was!

After pictures and chit chat, we all synced our watches and phones. Run Streak #850 for Michael had BEGAN!

The 8 of us laughed, Ran, chatted and bonded. The thought of 8 people joined together by the LOVE OF THE RUN was so touching to me. And to think months ago, these people never knew how much fun it could be running with a group of people. Crazy people who get and understand why you like running, they understand what if feels like to feel accomplished, they understand what it feels like to run so fast that when you hit that first PR the tears you cry are more than just tears, they are the entire reason that you do what you do. We all have different stories, different reasons for running and different goals, but when you run together as a whole, those things do not matter, what matters is that we start and end together. We are all happy for each other, proud of each other and beaming for excitement for each other. Pace doesn’t matter when your with a group of friends, miles are miles, slow or fast, they are all good.

We celebrated with Cupcakes!


This is a day that I will never forget. I cannot thank everyone who came out enough for being there. It real meant a lot to me.


And of Course the Awesomesauce Twins Made a Video! Watch it HERE!


Michael Scott

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Sincerely, Your first pair of running shoes

—-A goodbye letter from my shoes—
Not Fast Just Fabulous

Dear Krissy,
I remember the first day I laid eyes on you back in March 2012, just four months after you started your running journey. I knew that you were the one for me when you opened up my box and hugged me with a huge smile and said, “My FIRST real pair of running shoes!’.

It was clear; we were both head over heels in love. You put me on and wore me around the house. I was nervous at first because it was a new relationship for us both.
Day in and day out you never let me down. Day in and day out I have watched you grow. Day in and day out your pace getting stronger, day in and day out your happy tears growing longer.

So many days we’d stop at the same land marks, the stop lights, the bridge, the stop sign and ridge until week after week the stops were no longer needed. I was so proud of you, I couldn’t believe how physically and mentally strong you were growing with each day we’ve had together.

I’ve watched you trip, I’ve watched you fall, but those things didn’t matter to me at all. I’ve heard you mad kicking at the ground, I’ve heard you glad screaming so loud.
From 100 miles to 200 miles and then to 300 miles I remember all the struggles. So many meaningful talks that you’ve had with me and with yourself. So many happy and angry tears you shed over what you thought were measly victories. Turns out they weren’t so measly after all were they?

YOUR FIRST 5K, YOUR FIRST 10K, YOUR FIRST 15K AND YOUR FIRST HALF MARATHON. Your fastest 5K, your fastest 10K, your fastest 15K and your Fastest Half Marathon. I was there for all of it. I got to see your face beaming with excitement, confusion and awe. ..at yourself…because you did the impossible every single time.

The times you ran you fast you threw up, the times you ran so slow that even people walking passed you. Through Snow, rain, sleet, sunny days and thunderstorms, you braved it all even when you wanted to quit.

I knew in March, 2 years ago, that I was going to change your life. However, I didn’t realize how much I would mold you into becoming my hero.

You have learned that you can change and become the “Better” you, but not until you learn to shower yourself with self love, to not be so negative and to not beat yourself up over little mistakes. Yes they help become who you are destined to be, but wallowing in your own self pity will get you nowhere.

In 2 years you have learned how to love yourself both physically, mentally. You have also taught your daughter the importance of taking care of her body and how beautiful and strong she really is.

You have won the hearts of over 5,000 beautiful friends and you are helping mold them. That’s priceless.

Krissy you amaze me in every way possible, you’re brave, strong, beautiful and a force to be reckoned with. You’re able to deal with whatever life throws at you with an air of poise and grace all while keeping a smile on your face.

I want you to know that in your future endeavors you are the keeper of your own destiny. Please remember to take the bad days with the good days and the sunny days with the storms. Stars cannot shine without darkness, therefore you must learn from them.

So much Love-
Sincerely, Your first pair of running shoes.


Friday’s Fabulous Follower – Mark – A running Friend For Life

I would like you all to meet Mark. I met him last year when we came across each other’s facebook page. We were extremely excited when we realized that we share the same passion. Running and inspiring. Little did we know that we would become running buddies for life. I was his voice when he did his inspiring 52.4 mile birthday run on his 52nd Birthday. He ran 52 miles for himself and .4, for Super Aaron, the sweet boy that he dedicates all of his miles to. I updated his page every hour and encouraged him to keep going. What a runners high he must have got after that run! Shortly after that, I had the opportunity to meet mark on one of my training runs. While he was still recovering from his birthday run, it was still nice to finally meet. As weeks went by I got all of my running friends together and we all started running as a group. What a concept, people who like running, run together! We all became very close and realized how much each other’s journey actually made us all stronger. But what was the thing that really sealed the friendship? It was my first half Marathon. Mark trained with me over the summer and shared the exciting day with my friend Kim, of pacing me at my first half marathon. It meant more than words could ever explain. That’s when I knew that we would be friends for life.


Please read on to learn more about Mark’s Running Journey.

Mark started running in 2010. Between April 2010 and November 2013 he has ran13 marathons in10 different states. Mark has also ran half a dozen half marathons, numerous 20Ks, 8Ks 10Ks and 5Ks.

His intention is to run 50 marathons in 50 states during his 50s!

On May 6th, 2013 he stated his Facebook page Mind Run, after figuring out how to listen to his mind before his body.

Mark’s page is all about sharing inspirational stories from everyone and WITH everyone.

Visit him on Facebook at Mind Run

Runners Don’t Hibernate!




An unexpected pay it forward! – Thank you stranger

I was at the local coffee shop (I know you’re all so surprised, right), when I offered to pay for the women in front of me. I love doing this to make people smile,  it makes my whole day.

She smiled and said,  “What,  why? You don’t have to do that.  I have a card.”

I said,”I do it to see the smile on people’s faces. “

She turned towards me and said” Well,  you are due,  today is your day! Just pretend like I’m your mom and we’re just getting some coffee! “

I couldn’t believe it! What an awesome way to start my morning. After conversating for a bit,  I found out that she belongs to a family of RUNNERS! Her son and daughter in law love running Crazy Legs (the daughter in law is faster ;-)! She herself prefers to walk it. 

My life is so crazy,  but I am continually amazed at what beautiful people there are in this world.

Thank you random stranger!

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See this sweet boy?



His name is Dominic Rossi and he is your NUMBER ONE FAN and lives just minutes away from the Las Vegas Motor Speedway where you will be March 8th! There has been a few posts made on your twitter to try and get a hold of you to see if I could try getting you to meet Dominic and his mother Mary Phillips. Dominic has cerebral palsy, but that doesn’t stop him from doing everything that everyone else can do. He has stolen the hearts of hundreds because he is very inspirational at such a young age. I am one of those inspired by his amazing will to work so hard every day. I am Dominic’s runner, that’s right, I dedicate EACH AND EVERY MILE to this inspirational boy! Show this boy some love and GIVE BACK the support that he gives to so many! please contact me or his mother.

Thank you!




1. Follow the link to get entered -http://tinyurl.com/onxbfap
3.Come back every day to enter AGAIN for extra points!

2 winners will be chosen on Not Fast Just Fabulous‘s Birthday -March 25th!

More items are being added EVERY DAY!


Win Me!!!!

True Testament that pacing is better than running ANY DAY

Written by Mark-

I met Krissy when I happened to stumble upon her “Not Fast Just Fabulous” page through my “Mind Run” page on Facebook. A chance to meeting that would lead to one of the more inspiring periods of my running progression. Once I found out about Krissy’s goal of running the Madison Half Marathon, I signed up to be one her many running partners. The close proximity of our running routes made it a virtual certainty that we would lead each other to greatness. Krissy was my voice and motivator when I tackled my most challenging run of 52.4 miles. A favor I had planned on repaying when we ran the Madison Half Marathon. Little did I know that the fulfillment and inspiration I would receive running with Krissy would lift me to greater heights and achievements.

On the day of the race we couldn’t wait to start. With the strength from Dominic, Jayden,
and Aaron, we were so excited to help Krissy reach her goal. The day was filled with lots of
emotion. Starting off at a perfect pace of 10:18, we joked about keeping Krissy running
straight. A challenging task battling the crowds on the roads in Madison. The conversation was
light, keeping Krissy on task. Around mile four by the Governor’s Mansion in Maple Bluff, we
came upon the first mental challenge for our group. We were running on heightened adrenalin,
and the excitement may have drained our energy. A few licorice bites later we were back on

Reaching mile 9 by the Willy Street Park, we started talking about the great bakery smells, and other smells pretty closely related to Willy Street area. This brought on another spring of emotion as I realized that we had crossed the milestone of the furthest distance Krissy had ever officially run. As we approached mile eleven, by the Monona Terrace, we stumbled again. Soon after Krissy saw Adam and Lily, which brought another burst of energy. The overwhelming rush when Krissy saw her husband and daughter was the peak of emotion for the whole group. A couple rounds of “Zippity Doo Dah” and “The Wheels on the Bus” had us back on track.

Approaching Mile 12, at the corner of John Nolen and Broom, we were lifted from our walking and running pace when we came upon the live music replenishing our energy and spirits. The final hill going toward the State Capitol challenged us a bit. The first climb was over and we took a little break to get ready for the second stage. As we rounded the final corner we
were rooting Krissy on keeping her focused on her “Mind Run”.

The finish line came up and a surge of strength came through us. As we grabbed her hands, to finish together, the strength I felt in her was unbelievable. We were trying to lead her to the finish and she ended up leading us. It is a memory that will be used as a motivator for many years to come. I have never finished a race and been so overcome with emotion, friendship, inspiration, and pride. As Krissy, Kim, and I crossed the finish line, our hugs and tears cemented the relationship forever. As Krissy was receiving her medal, the tears in mine and Kim’s eyes, the look of joy in krissy’s eyes erased all the pain, now in the past. The inspiration of our day with Krissy, only grows with the people’s lives we touch, as the story is told over and over again.


Mark and Krissy

Krissy you have become my Hero.

Pass it on….

I was at a stop light in my car and noticed an elderly women with a sight impairment attempting to cross the road. There was a walk sign, but it looked as though she wasn’t comfortable getting across.

I pulled into an established and walked over to her. She was in tears, so upset. I said “Are these silly lights not working again? I have to cross here too so I’ll just walk with you!” I helped her cross 3 intersections and got her safely to the library. She was so thankful and was so happy that I was around to help.

Makes my heart so happy.

Random Acts of kindness.. PASS IT ON!

Friday’s Fabulous Follower – Maureen – Running For A Cure – Leukemia and Lymphoma Society

Meet Maureen -



My name is Maureen Polson and this year I decided to take on the challenge of running my first marathon with Team in Training to help raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  Teams are made up of individuals. Without them, there is no team. I have a mission-to help find cures and more effective treatments for blood cancers. I wanted to help make a difference and run to honor my friend, Jennifer, who was diagnosed this year with Leukemia and also for my friend, Shauna’s 5 year old daughter, Madison, who is fighting Leukemia for the second time in her young life.


Jennifer was diagnosed this year with Leukemia.


This is 5 year old Madison, who is fighting Leukemia for the second time in her young life.

Like the other members of TNT, I will be raising funds to help find cures and better treatments for leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin’s disease and myeloma. I’m improving the quality of my life by participating and with your support, I can help improve the quality of life for patients and their families as well.

I am hoping to raise at least $1,200.00 and have raised $700.00 so far.  It will be hard and it will be challenging but I know that for those who fight these diseases, I can help to make a difference.

I want to thank Krissy at Not Fast Just Fabulous for sharing my story to help honor those who I am running for.  If you would like to be one of my heroes, please visit my fundraising website to make a donation.  Any amount is truly appreciated as I will help me reach my goal one mile and one dollar at a time!

To donate and help Maureen reach her goal one mile and one dollar at a time please visit her Team In Training Donation Page HERE!


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