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Everyone Needs A Poncho

Although the world may be full of bad, there is still plenty of good.

My parents always taught me to be kind, gentle caring, courageous, thoughtful and willing to put myself in others shoes.

What if the person didn’t have shoes?

Years ago, growing up, driving around town with my dad, we saw many less than fortunate people. We may not have been rich, but my dad did what he could to help these people. He’d stop at Mc. Donalds and get them a full meal and if the person had an animal, he’d get them a cheeseburger, because lets face it, when you’re starving, anything is better than nothing.

For years I have always been in the right place at the right time. I’ve helped the elderly, disabled, children and animals. I’ve payed it forward time and time again.

Every time I’m able to help, my heart grows immensely. And every time I post about it I get reminded that the world is a bad place and people could cheat me, take advantage of me, steal my money or much worse. Im reminded of these things because people love and care about me. BUT there’s always two sides. Yes, the world is a bad place full of evil, but the world is also good full of beauty and full of people who make this a better place every day.

Today I was able to once again be one of those people who make the world a better place. There is a local man who is who is well known and often at the same place every day. The police department help him and do what they can for him.

Per the usual he had his backpack and was sitting in the grass. Today he was actually surrounded by screaming kids in the park, they must have been on a feild trip. It started to rain so I ran to the dollar store, grabbed him a poncho, warming blanket, water and donuts. He seemed confused because the community normally passes him on his bench at the park. For years I’ve heard him calling out for a pillow. Hopefully someone will be kind enough to get him one.

He told me how grateful he was and started crying.

For the first time I actually saw him smile.

The kids are still screaming running around in the rain.

Every day he watches over the park. He likes to watch the pond. He grew up here, and I know that because the police department know his whole story.

Yes, the world is full of bad,  but the world is also full of people who try and fail, people who have done wrong and are trying to do right, people who have completely given up because they haven’t ever seen the good in the world. Full of people who deserve a second chance and full of people who need someone to give them a poncho.


Super Hero

Today, my Daughter dressed up like me for Super Hero Day at school!





Some days I ask myself if I am enough? Am I a good enough mom and role model?
Clearly the answer is YES!


But what she doesn’t realize is that she is the REAL Super Hero here. To find out why please READ THIS STORY!

I hope that when she is older, she will understand what she has done for me.



Today, I became an Angel – “Your wings already exist, all you have to do is FLY”

A 6 months and a million priceless moments later, I have become what I was kept on this earth to do – Today, I became an Angel.

6 months ago this was me:



I trained a whole year to get here. While I was on this journey of running my first Half Marathon – 13.1 Miles, I saw this:


This beautiful site of Angel Lee pushing Captain Adam to the finish line of his Half Marathon. Of course back then,I didn’t know them or what it was all about all I knew was one day I was going to be that Angel.  As they passed me, I told them, thank you for their instant boost of inspiration.

I went on to finish my half marathon and for days after, I talked about the spectacular site that I saw, my Team Triumph.

 I stepped out that front door all those months ago to get away from myself and who I didn’t want to be any more. In the middle of  it all, I found myself. I’ve known for so long that I was kept here for a reason and after I ran my first half marathon for myself, I realized that it isn’t about me any more. Now it’s about running for those who cannot.

A few weeks prior to today I saw that there was a My Team Triumph meeting at the Endurance House. Unfortunately, I went to the wrong location and missed it, so I contacted them and was invited to attend one of their meetings the next week.

I invited the Fabulous Running Family and before we knew it, we were set up to be Angels at the next event. My friend Jason had his daughter set up to be a Captain!

Can someone explain to me what just happened?! 6 months go I dreamt of this and now in a few weeks I would be THAT angel?

6 months after seeing Lee and Adam pass me last November, I did just that.

Me and 3 other Angels pushed Captain Brittney to the finish line of her first Half Marathon where she WALKED ACROSS IT!

10314577_10152228512463366_3420829755325760437_n 10339651_10152228783208366_3939513788656281232_n KMR_7674-L RCT_4142-L ECE13300-L RCT_4146-L IMG_6727-L

Thank you my Team Triumph For changing the world and helping others achieve something that was one though impossible.

To learn more about Brittney click HERE for her Facebook page or HERE for her blog.

To learn more about becoming an angel or captain click HERE

~We Rise By Lifting Others~

I left the house today with that feeling that we sometimes get when we reflect back on certain parts of our lives. Often times, it’s a melancholy feeling, but not today.

This Morning I reflect back on where I was a year ago tomorrow, sitting on the couch preparing for my first race ever, a 10K (6.2 miles). I had “trained” 6 month for this race, I trained by myself. Just a short 6 month prior to this day, I stepped out the front door with the determination to throw my cane down and prove to myself, my daughter and the world that my disabilities DO NOT define me. During this time I learned a lot.

You fall 9 times, you get up 10. You tell yourself that it’s not possible, when you know it is. You stop dead in your tracks and turn around to see how far you REALLY have come, although to you, it’s never enough. You run as fast as you can thinking it’s not fast enough, but that’s not important. You judge yourself, yes, you run with a limp and your arm has a mind of its’ own, but you run. You get the chance to wake up every morning with the ability to make each moment of every day count, why spend it worrying about being “enough”? Because that’s what we know, that’s what the world knows.

What if we all woke up every morning happy and with a smile on our face? What if we walked out that door and waved to everyone we saw? What if we held doors for people? What if we took our time and were more patient with each other. What if we let people in while we’re driving? What if we helped each other without expecting anything in return? What if we took time to day dream? What if we told the ones we love, how much they mean? What if we talked more about life? What if we loved ourselves more?

A year ago tomorrow, I ran that 10K, I was scared and afraid I wouldn’t be enough. The gun goes off, we run, what seems like everyone is passing me. That moment of self doubt sets in. There I am, no Garmin or run keeper telling me my pace or mileage, just me and my music and self doubt. I look down and see the 5 Mile mark on the sidewalk. Excuse me? Is this right? A few minutes later I hear, “7478, you’re at 61 minutes, let’s go, you’re almost there!” That was the first time anyone has ever cheered me on, then what my friend Ward calls “Race Magic” took over.

There it was. I smile BIG and get ready to cross my first finish line.

“Here comes Krissy Schintgen from Middleton, finishing with a BIG smile on her face!”

As I cross the finish line with a big teethy grin, I can see my whole family to the right taking pictures and cheering for me. I checked the clock as I passed it, 1 hour and 5 minutes.


For a girl whose felt like she hasn’t been enough for so long, my heart finally felt something it never has before, whole. It’s funny how something so silly like running a race can change your entire outlook on life.

But it did and after I wrapped my head around what this day did for me, I learned that everything I did after this day had made me a better person.

This Sunday, a whole year after this transpired, I will be running my 3rd official half marathon. It’s not just any half marathon; it’s a half marathon that allows me to express what I have learned in the past year. To love more, give more and be grateful for every single thing I have. I will use my legs to keep moving forward, my eyes to see all the beauty and use my heart to forever love all the good in the world.

Alongside 3 others, I will be an Angel for My Team Triumph and push Captain Brittney to the finish line of HER first race. Brittney, who has Spina Bifida, will never be able to run, but with 4 angels behind her, she will do what was once thought impossible.


I have been given three lives and for me to be able to be able to GIVE to others is something that I have promised to do for the rest of my life. I promise to show the world how beautiful it really can be when we care more, love more and take the time to give more.


~We Rise By Lifting Others ~


To learn more about Brittney and her journey, please visit Brittney’s Brigade

Love Krissy

Once in a while you meet someone who shares the same passion as you – Love Of The Run

Ramon and Keegan

Ramon and Keegan


My name is Ramon Hernandez. I’ve shared my running journey for a while through my personal page but last Fall, I created the Love of the Run. A living memoir to the passions in my life; family, running and supporting others.

I see myself as just an average guy that loves running and is passionate about sharing that journey with others. Others see me as supportive, knowledgeable, productive and maybe a hint of crazy.

This year I have been focusing on increasing mileage in preparation for a solo run across Michigan to benefit Team Keegan. An amazing non-profit that supports children and families affected with childhood cancers. Love of the Run has a goal to raise $5000 for Team Keegan.

I am so grateful for the gift of running, the support of my family and my friends and the opportunity that my gift has allowed me.

Thank you for taking the time to share in my passion.








To purchase a shirt, please fill out the form below with your contact information. Ramon will get back to you with the details!

My Athlete’s Profile On The Focal Fame Blog


To read the full article please click HERE

My Mom Is Inspiring – Written By My 9 Year Old Daughter


My Mom is beautiful, confident, caring and friendly. She has had an incredible journey from using a cane to running insane! Find out why the world and I think she is so inspiring. This essay includes the many struggles of being one-handed. It also informs you of the inspiring story of my Mom.

My Mom has a blog with over 4,000 followers! She started her blog after her first run. The reason why she started it is because when she posted on Facebook everyone was like “your just bragging” and other things like “okay, because you’re so great.” So because nobody cared she started a blog for people who do care!

My Mom has had two strokes. One when she was 14, and one when she was pregnant. On the first day of middle school she went in with a shaved head! Later on, she met her husband Adam. They got married and had me. I came out in an emergency C-section because she had another stroke. It was basically do or die situation. If she lost any more blood she could possibly die! It was a miracle how the blood flow stopped itself! She lost all the feeling in her right side so she had to learn how to read and walk again! She lost all the feeling on her right side so she also had to learn how to write with her left hand.

Although my Mom has been through a lot of things, she is still a runner! In third grade I joined Girls On The Run. It is a non-profit organization that teaches girls the value of life and loving yourself. At the end of the program the coaches put it all together in a 5K (3.1 miles). “I was very proud of Lily but deep down inside of me I wanted to be there with her” she says. An important part of the story is when one day she set the cane down by her bed and went out for a “run.” She went two miles in 30 minutes. In spring of 2013, July 9th I ran my first 5K with my Mom! That is the most important part of the story!

In November of 2013 she ran her first half marathon (13.1 miles)! She ran with her two pacers, Mark and Kim. Pacers keep you running at the same pace. Everyone was supposed to meet at the mile five market but my dad and I didn’t make it on time so we went to the mile eleven marker instead. I love how confident my Mom is!

As you can see, my Mom has been through a lot in her life. I hope that you were also inspired by what my incredible Mom has accomplished.

we’re not going to let his cerebral palsy define or stop him, we’re going to be the legs that push, and Dominic will be the heart, spirit and smiles that make it all worthwhile

Running To Dominic

Hello, my name’s Krissy, I’m 33 years old, I live in Middleton WI, and I have survived 2 major strokes. They have robbed me of many things, but I do not let my disabilities stop me! I hope my story and life will inspire and remind you that there’s always hope.

My big goal for this year is to work together with the Non-profit organization My Team Triumph to give my IRun4 buddy Dominic the greatest gift I can think of- I am currently raising funds to be able to personally take him on an official race in Las Vegas!  Just like I don’t let my strokes and disabilities define me, we’re not going to let his cerebral palsy define or stop him.  With the help of my husband, we’re going to run Dominic through the Rock N’ Roll Half-Marathon- 13.1 miles of life-changing enrichment, cementing the amazing bond I’ve built with Dominic & his family.  My Team Triumph will provide the racing wheelchair/stroller and all the fanfare, we’re going to be the legs that push, and Dominic will be the heart, spirit and smiles that make it all worthwhile. We’ve got all that covered, but we’re looking for help with some of the other stuff- race entry fees, transportation, and lodging.

Every ticket and donation is going toward covering all the expenses necessary for this wonderful opportunity of a lifetime.  No purchase or donation is too small or big when everything is for such an amazing cause- benefitting the disabled with opportunities once thought impossible for them.  So please help however you can- Dominic and his family, as well as I and mine, will be forever thankful. All together, we can overcome anything to make magical memories!

To make a donation or join the Running To Dominic Virtual 5K please click HERE


You can read more about me HERE.

And learn what My Team Triumph is all about HERE.

Thank you so much, have a beautiful, happy, healthy day,


My Article in The Platform Magazine!






To Download the article click HERE


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