Word retrieval -Hello? Lily, Adam, Oliver – wait who are you?

Most days when I walk into the chicken…I opt for chocolate milk, you know because it’s delicious.

If you’re in my house and you hear me say this, you don’t bat an eye. Well, that’s because people closest to me know that word retrieval is not in my favor…EVER.

I’ll mistakenly say things that make no sense at all, but I won’t even know I am using the wrong words. And those rare times that I do know the word and it won’t come out, I struggle to find a similar word to fill in the blank.

So if we’re having a conversation and I lean in and say, “Hey, you know that thing on top of the thing in my chicken”, you can assume I am talking about my cat on top of the fridge in my Kitchen! Duh!



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