My Life and Links

My Story – Let’s start at the beginning

My 13.1 Journey – A video I put together of  my Half Marathon

My First Podcast – A podcast with 90 Revolutions

Athlete’s Profile – An interview with Focal Flame

Runners Inspiring Runners – Blog Interview

Platform Magazine – Article in The Platform Magazine

My News Interview – with Katie Priebe at Channel 27

My Second News Interview – With Katie Priebe at Channel 27

A Story About Me – Dave Griffin’s Flying Feet Column

Motivational Speech– My first Motivational Speech

Latest Interview – Madison’s Noteworthy

Another News Paper Article – Wisconsin State Journal

Video – My first Bike ride in 18 years!

About Krissy

After years of struggling with crippling pain, depression, and physical limitations due to 2 strokes, I decided to fight back. I threw aside my cane, stopped taking the heavy medication that left me dazed and unmotivated, and stepped outside. At first I walked, then I jogged, and now I run to remind myself that anything is possible. It hasn’t been easy and I'm not very fast, but I feel fabulous. I hope that my journey will help motivate and inspire others to dream beyond their abilities and take it one step at a time.

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