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Overcoming a disability is very difficult, so it’s important to have as much support as you can get.  The Challenged Athletes Foundation (CAF) is an amazing organization that has been helping challenged athletes with financial support toward equipment, training, competition, and travel expenses for more than 15 years now!  Having had two strokes myself I love what they stand for, so I’ve decided to dedicate my first half-marathon (this November!) toward the CAF as a sponsor athlete.  To help other challenged athletes work toward their goals, you can donate through my CAF page at this link.  You can also read more about the CAF here.  Thank you so much for following me and my journey, and for helping others with their dreams.

God bless you.

About Krissy

After years of struggling with crippling pain, depression, and physical limitations due to 2 strokes, I decided to fight back. I threw aside my cane, stopped taking the heavy medication that left me dazed and unmotivated, and stepped outside. At first I walked, then I jogged, and now I run to remind myself that anything is possible. It hasn’t been easy and I'm not very fast, but I feel fabulous. I hope that my journey will help motivate and inspire others to dream beyond their abilities and take it one step at a time.

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  1. This is great Krissy. What a perfect way to make a positive impact on the lives of other people who aspire to be all that they can be.


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    If you don’t feel like running the virtual race, but want to donate, please follow the directions!


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